When it comes to choosing the right heating equipment for your home, you have a couple choices available to you based on installation costs, weather conditions, and available fuel options.


Furnace Repair ServiceNatural gas or LP gas furnaces tend to be the most popular option for homeowners due to their relatively inexpensive costs and limited production of waste byproducts. Furnaces work by heating the air in your home, and distributing warmer air throughout your home via your air duct system. A furnace’s operational efficiency is assessed by annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), which measures how efficient the furnace is in converting the energy in its accompanying fuel source to heat over the course of a year. The Federal Trade Commission requires all furnaces to display their AFUE, allowing consumers to compare the heating efficiencies of a wide variety of models. An AFUE of 80% indicates that 80% of a furnace’s energy is converted into heat for your home, while 20% escapes out of your home through the chimney or somewhere else.


Heat pumps work on the same principle that air conditioners do, but by utilizing a reversing valve to deliver both heating and cooling from the same appliance. Homeowners that are environmentally-conscious tend to prefer heat pumps to furnaces, considering heat pumps operate by transferring heat rather than generating it by the burning of fossil fuels. Although heat pumps can cut the cost of heating your home by nearly 75%, their productivity declines dramatically when outdoor temperatures reach frigid degrees. Give us a call at Royal’s Heating & Air to determine whether or not a heat pump would be adequate in warming our home during Colorado’s cold wintertime months.


Heating Repair ServiceNo matter what your experiences may have been in the past, furnace repair does not have to be an inconvenience when you choose Royal’s! We are Metropolitan Denver’s best heating repair company, and we promise to be there for you when you need us most! That is why we offer furnace repair services every single day of the year throughout Denver and the Front Range with a fast response time! Do not wait to restore comfort in your home or light commercial location, and contact our friendly customer service representatives to schedule your furnace repair now!